Climate Change Threathens Florida’s Future

Johnathan Kleid, a talk show host and Michael Killen has studied the causes and impact of climate. Kleid asks about how the GOP controlled state views the threat of climate change. (After the release of this show viewers, especially Trump supporters have called and said they recognized that the climate is changing. And, they added, “when we know the cause we’ll know what to do about it.” Progress. Director, Carl W. Laur, Marin TV.

About Michael Killen Helps Organizations Share Their Important Climate and Energy Action Message

Michael is committed to helping organizations share their climate action, energy, and sustainability solution message. He is the publisher of 400 business studies and marketing white papers, talk show host who helped 400 academics, artists, energy experts, environmentalists, government officials, and scientists share their message with Internet and TV audiences; and he is the artist who painted large-scale paintings that include California's Climate Plan,'Resilience',' Sustainability', and 'Safeguard Civilization. Contact him
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