New Resource Builds Support for President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan(s)

This resource enables the President Biden Administration to build support for it Infrastructure Plans, sooner than later. It informs and educates the people of the United States on how they will benefit.

Download the Proposal

Watch Talk Show host and experts discuss Biden’s Plan to Build the United States Public EV Charging Network and Job Creation

Dr. Ripudaman Malhotra discusses issues and benefits of the government’s Initiative. He is an SRI Fellow and Co-author: A Cubic Mile of Oil.

Dr. Steve Zornetzer former NASA discusses the current state of arctic sea ice and the impacts on global warming.

Pat Burt, Vice Mayor of The City of Palo Alto, CA, and Jonathan Kleid discuss rising sea levels and the increasing danger of catastrophic wildfires. What can we do to save ourselves from this global threat? Is it too late?

Michael Killen, Artist and the Painting “Loss of Arctic Ice: Impact On the United States”