Electricity​ of France (EDF) and Stanford Advisors to Project to Paint CA’s Climate Plan, Goal #3

Michael Killen said, “I will now paint CA’s Climate Plan ‘Goal #3 which is ‘Double the Energy Efficiency Savings in Existing Buildings, 2030. ‘ I welcome Electricity of France and Stanford’s assistance. “

Michael is planning a 6 x 15-foot painting inspired by Goal #3. The art will also feature one uncommon solution that will help the state and decision makers in the state, to attain that goal.

The overall project has a mission of providing another approach to help decision-makers aline their actions with those of the state’ s plan. That approach is a symbolic presentation of information approach.

Michael also said, “He has already painted eight of the twelve paintings that are part of the project.   They include two of the six goals, five paintings on why we need the state’s plan, and three on the state’s strategies.”

Organizations that have displayed art from this project include the Governor of California’s Office of Planning and Research and the US’s Dept. of Commerce, Interior and NASA. The organizations also include the governments of Atherton, County of Santa Clara, Menlo Park, and Palo Alto. They include Microsoft, Save the Bay and Sustainable Silicon Valley.

With the end of this project in Michael’s sight, he is thinking about what project he will undertake next. He welcomes subjections. michael@killen.com.

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Next TV Show Tapings Aug. 11 at MarinTV San Rafael.CA

Michael Killen will again take a break from producing interviews with guests who help explain CA’s Climate Plan or their related message.  On Sat. August 11, and starting at 11:30AM, he will produce interviews with three artists.  They are with the artists Odis Schmidt of Compche, CA; Harry Cohen, Woodacre, CA and Dickens 44, from Marin, County, CA. Carl W. Laur will direct the productions.

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Expansion of Facebook: Political Leader Discusses the Challenges and Solutions

Facebook adds to the housing and transportation challenge as well as need to meet California’s Climate Plan’s goals. Michael Killen asks Menlo Park’s Councilmember and FRM Mayor Kirsten Keith what is she doing to help us handle these challenges.

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Michael Killen’s Interview: Strengthening​ the Underbelly of Silicon Valley w. Nevida Butler

Michael Killen asks Nevida Butler, FRM, Executive Director of the famed Ecumenical Hunger Program how it helps the community of Facebook, Google, HP, LinkedIn, Packard Foundation and Stanford. The Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP) is a private, 501(c)3 non-profit, community-based organization serving the community since 1975. EHP’s mission is two-fold: to sustain our neighbors through immediate crises and to help them regain stability and independence.

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Newport Comm. TV, NH Latest TV Station Licensed The Killen Report Show

Michael Killen makes interviews at the Media Center (Palo Alto) and Marin TV (San Rafael) with people who have important insights to share especially related to CA’s Climate Plan and climate-energy solution.  TV stations that want the show should signup at Pegmedia.org or Telvue Connect. Potential guest should contact Michael@killen.com or via Twitter.

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Michael Killen Is Now Thinking About His Next Project

Michael will complete interpresing and making TV shows associated wih California’s Climate Plan shortly after the summer. He is ready to discuss,  with interested parties,  the next important project he’d take on.

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Two Bay Area Political Leaders Share What They Learned

Michael Killen, Talk Show Host and Artist asks Pat Burt, FMR Palo Alto, and Bill Widmer, Vice Mayor of Atherton what can they share with other political leaders, to help them help their communities.

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