Return Here End of Sept. We’ll Release Interview w. Head of ICE/911

With close to a 100 community TV stations that have licensed ‘The Killen Report’  talk show we reach community leaders across the US.  We alse make our show available to community radio stations,  too. On YouTube we reach viewers around the world.

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Florida’s GOP Leaders Long Term Plan for Climate Change

The plan is the same as Trump’s plan.

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PWCS-TV (Virginia) Latest Community Station to License ‘The Killen Report’

With the addition of the PWCS-TV station, 100 community stations in the United States have the right to broadcast the talk show that appeals to local communities. The show is also available on radio and the Internet.

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Michael Moore’s New Movie May Influence Market for Renewable Energy and Climate Change Action-Now Strategies

Michael Killen, Talk Show Host, asks two leading energy analysts — Alex Cannara and Ripu Malhotra, to respond to reports about Moore’s upcoming movie “Planet of Humans.” This half-hour episode of “The Killen Report”, that specualtes on the direction of the movie, may persuade viewers and listeners to alter their investments in energy companies and climate change action-now strategies.

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The Curious Child and NASA

Remarkable child takes on an adult-size project that commemorating NASA’s most important accomplishments and over 70 adults contribute to the project and NBC puts her on the NEWs.

Here Michael Killen, talk show host, and artist who made the painting “Sustainability” (5 Ft x 24FT at the request of NASA interviews Karianna.

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Climate Change Threathens Florida’s Future

Johnathan Kleid, a talk show host and Michael Killen has studied the causes and impact of climate. Kleid asks about how the GOP controlled state views the threat of climate change. (After the release of this show viewers, especially Trump supporters have called and said they recognized that the climate is changing. And, they added, “when we know the cause we’ll know what to do about it.” Progress. Director, Carl W. Laur, Marin TV.

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Two of Michael Killen’s Works Reside at Stanford University

Killen’s painting ‘Stanford Smart Energy Campus’ (6FT x 15Ft) is at Stanford Energy and Sustainability Dept. That department also displays a 10FT long print of Killen’s ‘Resilience of America’.

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