Newport Comm. TV, NH Latest TV Station Licensed The Killen Report Show

Michael Killen makes interviews at the Media Center (Palo Alto) and Marin TV (San Rafael) with people who have important insights to share especially related to CA’s Climate Plan and climate-energy solution.  TV stations that want the show should signup at or Telvue Connect. Potential guest should contact or via Twitter.

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Michael Killen Is Now Thinking About His Next Project

Michael will complete interpresing and making TV shows associated wih California’s Climate Plan shortly after the summer. He is ready to discuss,  with interested parties,  the next important project he’d take on.

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Two Bay Area Political Leaders Share What They Learned

Michael Killen, Talk Show Host and Artist asks Pat Burt, FMR Palo Alto, and Bill Widmer, Vice Mayor of Atherton what can they share with other political leaders, to help them help their communities.

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Guests Who Want to Share Their Climate/ Energy Solution Message On TV/Radio

The next two dates and places Michael Killen, who heads the Connect to Califonia’s Climate Plan Service will produce interviews for TV/Radio shows will be: Thursday August 2,  at the Media Center, Palo Alto;  and, Sat. Aug 4 at the Marin TV, San Rafael.

Eighty TV stations have attained a license to broadcast the show.  Michael’s team also posts the show is on YouTube and podcast platforms.

To discuss this opportunity please contact


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‘Methane Joins Carbon, to Boil the Planet” Added to CA’s Climate Plan Art and Media Project

Michael Killen has added “Methane Joins Carbon, to Boil the Planet” (6Ft x 15 Ft) (1.8M x 4.6 M ) to his Connect to CA’s Cliamte Plan Project. The mission of the project includes providing art that helps other organizations associate their solutions with the climate plan of the fifth largest ecconomies. The painting is added to the “Threats” category. Dennis McGinn, Assistant Sec. US Navy (center), Jim Seeeney (rt), and Michael Killen (lf). 

SVES 2015_116

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‘Impact of Climate On People’ Added to CA’s Climate Plan Art and Media Offering

Michael Killen announced he has added  the painting “Impact of Climate Change” 4 x 6ft to his CA’s Climate Plan Art and Media Project.

Screen shot 2010-07-19 at 4.59.50 PM

‘Stanford’s Climatologist, Steve Schneider (late), and on the right with  Michael Killen; and his painting. RWolf_20180629_8374-Edit

Stanford displayed the painting at its annual Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2018.


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‘Beginning After the End’ (of Our Civilization) Added to ‘Connect to CA’s Climate Plan’

Michael Killen added the 5 x 6 ft painting ‘Beginning After the End’ to his project “Connect to CA’s Climate Plan’s section “Need for the Plan (Threats) section. The two other categories are Goals of the Plan,  and Solutions\Strategies.

Michael envisioned that green house gases and climate change could end it for our civilization. And, if that happens, some time in the future another civilization will emerge. We can see what the new cave people might find on our walls.

This painting by Michael Killen was first shown at Stanford University.

Prints of this painting are available.

'Beginning After the End' (6 x 5 feet)

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