Zero Waste Challenge: Palo Alto Shares It’s Experience

Phil Bobel,  Assistant Director of Public Works Palo Alto, describes the Waste Management Challenge and how Palo Alto is addressing it. Michael Killen, Host of the syndicated TV show The Killen Report. Contact Telvue Connect or to gain access to his show. Michael is also an artist. He is presently painting ‘Resilient California.’

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Michael Killen’s ‘Guernica’

UU Gp Sho-Piccasso Revisit.Crp.S-8.04.jpg

‘Guernica’ is Picasso’s most important painting on a social issue. The full name of Michael  Killen’s painting is ‘Guernica After Picasso.’ Besides honoring Picasso Micheal made his Guerica painting as an education exercise. “This was about the 15th painting I have ever made,” said Michael.

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Artist to Break Ground by Painting Most Promising Climate Plan

Jonathan Kleid of the Kleid Group of Oakland interviews artist Michael Killen. Kleid, an art collector and CEO of the Kleid Group said, “It is unusual for  anyone  to paint a plan, no less than one  created ny the sixth largest economy. You’d have to have deep and broad knowledge of the climate and of planning.  And, you better have  artist  talent.” Jonathan’s guest is Michael Killen.

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Transition to Clean Energy Economy: Interview W. Former Under Sec. U.S. Dept. Energy

Obama’s Undersecretary  Dept. of Energy, Dr. Lynn Orr,  shares his vision of the journey  to the clean energy economy and market opportunity.  And, he discusses  California’s Climate Plan w. artist who is  painting that plan, to help the state share its message.

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California’s Climate Plan- Best Branding Opportunity for Transition to Cleaner Energy Economy Suppliers

Michael Killen envisions California’s Climate Plan as a ‘Branding Horse’  suppliers including advertisers, electricity, energy, financial services, information technology,  investment services, management consulting, materials, information technology, social media suppliers can ride now, and long into the future.  Competitive advantage, market share, sales, costs, return on investment are all at play here.

It won’t be easy for all suppliers to add the qualities of the California’s Climate Plan’s brand to their brand. Michael Killen has created a service that will help a few suppliers suceed here.

The ‘California’s Climate Plan: Choice Between a Cannon and a Thunderbolt’ will help influencers and decision-makers at events, on the internet and in the press and media deepen and broaden their understanding of the plan. The service is based heavily on Michael’s ability to interpret the plan in imagery and contexts that are meaningful to influencers and decision makers.  It includes the internet, radio, and TV; and a vast achieve of programming that helps to increase reach.

Michael is an artist, syndicated TV Talk, and Radio Host. He has published 400 market research studies and white papers; produced  600 TV /Radio interview-shows. His last book was ‘IBM: The Making of the CommonView.’  Prints of the anchor paintings of the service are in  Gov. Jerry Brown’s Office of Planning and Research.

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Paintings Included In the Service

The ‘California Climate Plan: Choice Between a Cannon and Thunderbolt’ will include ten paintings–images; for display at events, on the internet and other visual media. They will include paintings that help viewers deepen their understanding of the state’s success reducing emissions and at the same time increasing the economy, jobs, and health. They will include paintings on threats that need solutions. They will include imagery of the elements of the plan that Michael believes are most important to the Plan’s success. And, it will include paintings(s) that forecast the journey to the cleaner economy.

The anchor paintings of the service are ‘Sustainability’  and ‘Resilience of America.’   Before the end of 2017, Michael will release additional art on this site.

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Anchor Paintings Added to ‘California’s Climate Plan

Michael Killen added ‘Resilience of America’ and ‘Sustainability’ to the series of paintings he is making to provide a new view of California’s Climate Plan.


‘Resilience of America’ (5 x 24 feet) Michael Killen


‘Sustainability’ (5 x 24 feet) Michael Killen. Michael made ‘Sustainability’ at the request of executive’s at NASA Ames.

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