Trump to Waste Four Years In Fight With Climate Change

If Trump lasts four years in Office and if he does not help stop greenhouse gas emissions during that time we move closer to Earth’s tipping point. As the concentration of CO2 in the air-atmosphere continues to increase it also creates a huge market opportunity for suppliers that can separate CO2 from air.

Michael Killen, (L) interviews Art Burtis who has a solution that helps to remove CO2 from air.

Painting in back ground is ‘Sustainability’ (5 x 24 feet) that Michael made at the request of NASA. He is making two paintings for Jim Sweeney’s Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2017 at Stanford, June 23.

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Trump: From Russia With Love

Video that explains why  I made the painting Trump: from Russia With Love.

‘Trump: From Russia With Love’ (4 x 6ft) Michael Killen 2017.

The painting and prints  are  available for events and for purchase.

Michael is presently creating two paintings to be displayed at the Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2017 at Stanford, June 23,  2017.



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Trump to Create $Multi Billion Market to Remove CO2 from the Atmosphere

This month I start producing a series of TV Internet shows that explore the growing market opportunities for suppliers that can remove CO2 from the atmosphere. The episodes will be part of my show The Killen Report. The Trump and Mike Pence Administration, most readers of this post, know is committed to growth here.

Interested in being part of the series please contact me.

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Trump: From Russia With Love

I made Trump: From Russia With Love because I believe Trump made a deal with Putin, an enemy of the USA,  that benefits Putin and himself and not the people of the USA and its democracy. It is important we support Congress, intelligence agencies, the FBI and other parties in their efforts  to learn how  Trump may have harm us.


The painting is 4 x 6 feet.  Trump is on a Russian missile on its way to the groin of the Constitution.

I plan to display this painting only in a few episodes of my TV Internet show The Killen Report. Ten TV stations in Silicon Valley broadcast my show.

I am the artist who made Resilience of America 5 x 24 ft that has been displayed by three US Gov. organizations.  I made Sustainability 5 x 24 ft for NASA, to help it bring attention to the work being done in Sustainability Base.  Shortly I will announce the paintings I will display at  a Stanford University’s  VIP event.



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Interview w. Paul R.Ehrlich I Asked What Follows Zeitgeist #Sustainability and #Resilience

I asked Paul Ehrlich what follows the environmental, political, management or spirit  thoughts sustainability and resilience.   I did that in front of my painting “Resilience of America.” (A print of that painting as well as my painting “Sustainability”  is in Gov. Jerry Brown’s Office of Planning and Research.)  I think it is important to know what era we are in an what one we maybe moving toward.

I am making an electronic copy of this show available to TV stations. Five California stations have accepted my offer to date.


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#GOP Congress and Trump Needs to Back Down Now Letting #Methane Boil the Planet

Michael Killen, California Artist and Talkshow Host, Dennis McGinn, Asst. Sec. Navy , and Jim Sweeney, Stanford   in front of painting “Methane Joins Carbon to Boil the Planet” and at Stanford.

SVES 2015_116.jpg

Michael uses his California based TV program The Killen Report and artist talent to help promote messages that are helpful tot he state and beyond.

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Eliminating Methane Rules Would Significantly Increase Emissions Of Harmful Greenhouse Gases – The Equivalent Of Adding 950,000 Vehicles To The Road

Schneiderman: Congressional Republicans Have Shown Once Again That They’re More Interested In Profiting Big Oil Than Protecting Average Americans 

NEW YORK— Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, along with the Attorneys General of Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont; the California Environmental Protection Agency; and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer opposing a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution that would void important safeguards that are vital to controlling the leaking, venting, and flaring of methane from oil and natural gas developments on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Methane is a potent climate change pollutant.

“Congressional Republicans have shown once again that they’re more interested in profiting Big Oil than protecting average Americans. The BLM Methane Rule is a cost-effective, common-sense approach to controlling the waste and pollution created by oil and gas companies,” said Attorney General Schneiderman.  “A Congressional rollback of this rule would be an annual handout of millions of dollars to oil and gas companies, paid for by taxpayers and at the expense of New Yorkers’ and Americans’ health, safety, and environment.”

The Mineral Leasing Act obligates the federal government to ensure that any operators “use all reasonable precautions to prevent waste of oil or gas.” On November 15, 2016, the Bureau of Land Management announced it had finalized its updated regulations to reduce the waste of natural gas from flaring, venting, and leaks from oil and gas production operations on public and tribal lands.  The final rule applies to existing and newly proposed oil and gas operations. 

The BLM Methane Rule is estimated to save enough gas to supply up to about 740,000 households each year.  Overall, the rule will reduce flaring by an estimated 49 percent and venting and leaks by roughly 35 percent, as compared to 2014 rates. Eliminating the BLM Methane Rule would potentially result in an additional 180,000 tons of methane emissions per year, roughly equivalent to pollution of up to 950,000 vehicles—or roughly 2.5% of New York’s total annual emissions of greenhouse gases.

Estimates from the Government Accountability Office predict that rolling back the BLM Methane Rule would cost states, tribes and federal taxpayers as much as $23 million annually in royalty revenues that are lost to uncontrolled venting, flaring, and leaking. Overall, the rule can potentially save hundreds of millions over the next decade, including savings from the recovery and sale of natural gas and public health costs.

Because the disapproval of a rule under the CRA also means that an agency cannot issue any substantially similar rules, the States expressed their significant concern that such disapproval here could be construed to indefinitely bar BLM from regulating in the area of resource waste prevention—a task which it is statutorily mandated to perform.

Read the full letter sent to the Senate here.

A.G. Schneiderman has made clear that he stands ready to use the full power of his office to compel enforcement of our nation’s environmental laws. In January, he joined eight other A.G.’s in sending a letter urging members of the U.S. Senate Environmental and Public Workers Committee to reject the nomination of Oklahoma A.G. Scott Pruittto lead the EPA. He also spoke out against President Trump’s ordered freeze of EPA grants and contracts. In December, Schneiderman led a coalition of 19 states and localities calling on President-elect Trump to continue the federal government’s defense of the Clean Power Plan and reject the “misguided” advice to discard the plan. 

A.G. Schneiderman has initiated litigation along with states across the country to defend critical environmental and clean energy policies, including the Clean Power Plan, the “Waters of the U.S.” rule, and EPA regulations to reduce emissions of methane in the oil and gas industry.

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