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Art of Trump Provides a New View of a Person Some Believe Is a Threat to the Country

Paintings enable voters to see issues or developments such as Trumps thoughts about women, the vaccine, assets of the country, self dealing, and threats. Previously the artist had made paintings that included “Resilience of America” and “Sustainablity of America”.

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Michael Killen Discusses his “Art of Trump Series”

Jonathan Kleid and Michael Killen discuss Michael’s latest series of paintings: “Art of Trump Series”.  This collection of art has the mission of helping Americans vote wisely.

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The Fourth Installment to Michael Killen’s “Paintings of President Trump Series”

I made this series of paintings for Independents and persons thinking about voting for President Trump. Like many of them, I came from a blue collar family, and never went to college. I hope this series helps people vote wisely.

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Trump: From Russia With Love

I made Trump: From Russia With Love because I believe Trump made a deal with Putin, an enemy of the USA,  that benefits Putin and himself and not the people of the USA and its democracy. It is important we … Continue reading

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