Killen’s Painting “Stanford’s Smart Energy Campus” (6ftx15ft) now at the University


Michael interpreted Stanford’s district energy system to serve as an example for other organizations that want to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water costs, and usage.

The painting is presently on display in Stanford’s Central Energy Facility. To see that complex– schedule a free tour open to the public.

On June 21, the 2019 Silicon Valley Energy Summit –the valley’s most respected energy event– will display the painting.

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Killen’s Interview W. Prof. Jim Sweeney-What Attendees & Sponsors Can Expect at June 21, Silicon Valley Energy Summit

Visit to learn more about the upcoming energy summit details including my interview with the organizer discussing the event. They are now accepting registrations and sponsorships.

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Choice between Impact of Climate Change and Nuclear Energy


This interview with Dr. Alex Cannara helps us think clearly about the threats of climate change and nuclear energy.

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Are Renewables Enough to Slow Climate Change?

The answer may surprise you. Michael Killen, Artist who leads in making sustainable art, and interviews for TV presents the question to Ripudaman Malhotra, CEO of Malhotra Energy Consultancy, SRI International and Fellow at the American Chemical Society. Co-author: A Cubic Mile of Oil
Energy blog:

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Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2019 to showcase Killen’s latest painting on energy efficiency

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France’s Energy Tech’s Next Step: More Extensively Help Utilities, Govs. & End Users Slow Climate

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8 Silicon Valley Leaders Shared Their Climate Energy Message in front of Killen’s “Stanford” Painting

image1Photographed Above: Joe Stagner, Dr. Katharina Powers, Owner, Art Ventures Gallery (Menlo Park, CA), and Michael Killen.

The presenters included:

Art Ventures Gallery
888 Santa Cruz Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025
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