Lynn Orr, Former Under Sec. US DOE Discusses Transition to Clean Economy w. Michael Killen, Artist and Talkshow Host


Michael Killen also asks Lynn Orr about California’s Climate Change Plan. Michael is  paintings that,  to help decision-makers, including voters see the plan.  Shortly, he will release the first painting.

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California’s Climate Plan Is Getting a New Look

The Government of California defines the shape and form of California Climate Plan—one of the most important public policies of our time. Michael Killen, Silicon Valley Artist, Syndicated TV Talk Show Host and Visiting Radio Host at Stanford (University) Radio is creating a new view of this public policy. It is a symbolic representation of the plan-a painting(s). The paintings will enable us to to see the plan.

He is articulating, on canvas, what he believes is the structure and elements of the plan that help make it a success. He is doing this to help policymakers in other states and countries implement their own successful climate action plan.  And, he is  also doing this  to enable the people of Califonia deepen their understanding of the plan.

Michael is no stranger to the task of painting complex issues and developments. He has interpreted such topics as sustainability, resilience, ocean acidification, ocean change, sea level rise, drought, a national climate and energy plan for the GOP, population explosion, the vulnerability of the electric grid, cap and trade, the birth of the electric car, and Sec. George Shultz’s Climate and National Energy Recommendation to Congress.

He made the 24-foot painting “Sustainability” at the request of NASA Ames. Governor Jerry Brown’s Office of Planning and Research displays three of Michael’s large works permanently. The US Dept. of Commerce, USGS, Save the Bay, Sustainable Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley Energy Summit at Stanford, and the governments of Atherton, County of Santa Clara, and Palo Alto are among the local governments that displayed his paintings at their events.

Michael welcomes inquiries from everyone, especially those who want to discuss how they can help make this project a success or want access to the art for their events.

Follow me @KillenMichael and see what my guests are saying on my TV program The California Climate Plan.


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Growing Need to Drawdown CO2 From Atmosphere, and Sierra Club’s Objectives

Michael Killen, Host of the  syndicated TV program ‘The Killen Report’  said, ” The increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere alerts all of us the growing need to start drawing down those gases. But, how do we do that? He produced the  TV program ‘Growing Need to Drawdown CO2 From Atmosphere, and Sierra Club’s Objectives’  for TV stations that want to share that information with their  communities.

The Chair of the Marin Sierra Club helps viewers learn more,  incluiding the objectives of that important Marin County, CA organization.

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Host of the ‘The Modern Architect’ KZSU Stanford Radio: How to Increase Business

Michael Killen, asks Tom Diorio, Producer of KZSU Stanford Radio Show ‘The Modern Architect’ how his show helps designers of dams, bridges, building, and roads increase business.


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Bagel Boys of SF Bay Area:Art and Life

Michael Killen produced the ‘Bagel Boys of SF Bay Area: Art and Life’ for TV and Internet audiences everywhere. It enables viewers to reflect on their own lives as they listen in on a discussion with four remarkable artists who have lived long lives and who continue to find life an adventure.


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Critical Thinking On Strategy

Stanford Radio and TV Talk Host Michael Killen shares how you can think clearly about the action(s) you are about to execute.  Michael is the founder of the think tank Killen & Asscociates, Inc. global speeker, and  artist who made the painting “Sustainability” (24 ft) for NASA.   Michael selected Jonathan Kleid of the Kleid Design Group, Oakland to conduct the interview.


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Why Usage of Electricity In US Slowing: Ripu Malhotra, SRI Fellow and Author ‘Cubic Mile of Oil’

Michael Killen, Producer and Host of ‘Michael Killen Radio’ on KZSU Stanford Radio 90.1FM and the Internet asks ‘Michael Killen, Producer and Host of ‘Michael Killen Radio’ on KZSU Stanford Radio 90.1FM and the Internet asks ‘why we are not using more electricity.’ What is happening?’




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