US and Emerging EU Energy Initiatives Create Special Opportunities for Suppliers that Can Help These Organizations Attain Their Goals

US/EU energy Initiative to help Suppliers Gain a Competitive Advantage and Increase Sales

Build National EV Charging Networks

Modernize Electric Grids

Decarbonate Communities

Increase Energy Efficiency of Clusters of Buildings

Generate Cleaner Electricity

Killen & Associates provides three effective resources that assist suppliers in the US and Europe, and in other markets to increase deals.


1. Paintings that Help Increase the Value of our Client’s Brand

The paintings interpret the US/EU Initiatives. Our clients display the paintings or prints of the imagery at their private and public events. Aristotle with his principles of persuasion may have been the first to point out that if you associate your brand with a brand of greater value, your brand increases in value. The use of our imagery enables our client to associate its brand with that of the US/EU brands.

Build the National EV Charging Network (5ft. x 6ft.), (152.4cm x 182.88cm)
Build the Advanced Electric Grid, Electrification of Communities and Transportation; and Generation of Electricity (4ft. x 15ft.) (121.92  x 457.2cm
Stanford University’s Initiative to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Clusters of Buildings (6ft. x 15ft.) (129.92  x 457.2cm)

The government of  California, Microsoft, NASA,  Save the Bay, Silicon Valley Energy Summit at Stanford, US Dept of Commerce, and US Dept Interior are among the organizations that have displayed our paintings or prints at their events. A later section of this post enables you to see examples of paintings at events.

2. Killen & Associates Branded Customer Education White Paper

This white paper helps our client more effectively assist potential customers to think clearly about their need for a particular initiative solution. And it helps buyers deepen their understanding of our client’s solution and benefits. 

We will grant our client the right to distribute the Killen & Associate’s Branded White Paper worldwide.

To produce the white paper, we work with our client and the customer or potential customer. We have unpacked Napoleon’s statement, “When I view a situation through a body of principles I discover the best actions to execute.” What we learned from Napoleon’s statement enabled us to develop a methodology that helps assure the success of the creation of the white paper.

Michael Killen, former president and founder of Strategic, Inc., published a white paper for Ariba and other companies. SAP subsequently purchased Ariba.

3. Video Discussions

We will provide three half-hour discussion videos. A Killen & Associate host will interview separately, a company’s spokesperson, a partner, and a customer. Our client will help us determine the topics of the discussions. The clients will distribute these discussions widely.

We will distribute the video to 5,000 TV stations in the US and we will release them to various social media platforms.


Please contact Michael at to discuss your needs.

Companies and Organizations that have Displayed the Paintings at their Events

Previous Events that Displayed the Paintings

Many organizations, including the U.S. Dept. Commerce, U.S. Dept Interior, Microsoft, NSA, CA Governor’s Office of Planning and Resources, and Stanford University have used our paintings to share their message and raise the level of discussion. Following are a few of the organizations that have used Michael’s art.

Michael Killen (left) and Tom McGinty (right), National Deputy Director for U.S. Operations at the U.S. Department of Commerce, in front of the painting ‘Resilience of America,’ in the lobby of the Santa Clara CA Conference Center

Stanford University Sustainably Club at the Silicon Valley Energy Summit in front of ‘President Biden’s Initiative to Increase Energy Efficiency of Clusters of buildings’

Microsoft Research Center event painting ‘Reliance of America (4′ x 24’)

Sustainable Silicon Valley event at Santa Clara University, painting ‘Sustainability’ (4′ x 24′)

Dr. Steven Zornetzer, Associate Director, NASA Ames painting ‘Sustainability’ (4′ x 24′)

Katharina Powers, Director, Art Ventures Gallery, Menlo Park, CA, in front of the painting ‘Don Quixote, Tilts at Climate Change’ (5′ x 15′)

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Interview: Michael Killen’s Project: Biden’s Advanced Electric Grid Dis.

Michael Killen and Dr. Alex Cannara


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Painting: Impact of Climate Change On Religion (4′ X 5′)

Michael Killen made this painting to help a community that may not have heard the climate change action now and the President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan message, to hear them now. This photo and painting is not part of Killen & Associates’ “Support President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan.”

Michael Killen

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Painting: Impact of Climate Change On Culture (5′ x 6′)

Michael Killen.

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Painting: “Sustainability” (4′ X 24′) NASA Requested It

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Interview: What Does A Two Degree C. Increase In Temperature of the Planet Mean To Us?

The above is a discussion with Dr. Alex Cannara and Michael Killen. It goes further than just sharing what two decree Centigrade increase means, suggesting when we might have reached that increase.

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Interview: Pat Burt’s Plans for How Palo Alto’s Government Should Address COVID-19 and other Challenges.

Palo Alto Weekly’s Journalist Asked Pat Burt Leading Candidate for Councilman Tough Questions Such as COVID 19 Action Interview available at YouTube

#PaloAlto #Traffic, #homeless, #COVID 19 #Election

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Interview: Critical Climate Change Solution 1. Tax On Carbon

Michael Killen’s interview with Jonathan Marshal, Economist


Jonathan Marshal’s Artical copy

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Broadcast Infra. City College of San Francisco Edu. Access Television Now Broadcasts the Killen Report Joining 100 Other USA Community Stations

In the Greater San Francisco Silicon Valley the Killen Report via TV reaches viewers in the following counties: Marin, Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Fransisco.
The Michael Killen Report and San Francisco County.
In San Fransisco viewers can watch the show at EATV2 Comcast channel 75/Wave channel 31 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 9:30am. For more information, check their website at or call (415)239-3887.


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Interview: We Waited Too Long to Address Climate Change, and Now We Must Buy Time

Michael Killen, the head of global project ‘Climate Change Solutions that Save Civilization: Concentrate on What Matters Most’ and Dr. Steve Zornetzer, a former NASA executive, Co-Chair of Board of Directors of ICE911, discuss an issue that contributes 40% to the Climate Change problem. Killen asked Zornester how he and the organization are going to give the world a few more years, to mobilize, reduce the threat of climate change. Watch the interview on YouTube:

or TV. This is Episode 4 of “Search for Solution to Stop Climate Change and Meet Energy Needs Project.

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