Our Direction

Michael and his team are helping to move Pres. Biden’s Infrastructure Plan forward in a non-partisan way. We have supported the goal to educate the public of the new jobs and investment opportunities created by the initiative to build the United States EV charging network.

And we have assisted in helping owners, operators, and investors in multi buildings properties deepen their knowledge of the President’s initiative to increase the energy efficiency of clusters of buildings

Want to be part of our project? Qualified person should email michael@killen.com

View the Proposal for additional information.

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Michael Killen Is Now Painting the President Biden Infrastructure Initiative– Advanced Electric Grid

The painting will be the third initiative he has interpreted on canvas to help educates buyers and solution providers, and voters.
The other two are President Biden Plan to Build the United States EV Charging Network and the Plan’s Initiative to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Clusters Buildings. In addition, three organizations of the United States Gov. have displayed his art.

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Impact of Climate Change On Religion

Michael Killen made this painting to help a community that may not have heard the climate change action now and the President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan message, to hear them now. This photo and painting is not part of Killen & Associates’ “Support President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan.”

Please contact Michael@Killen.com if you are interested in our project “Support President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan. It is not a fund raiser.

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Impact of Climate Change On Culture Photo

The head of Killen & Associates made the 5′ x 6′ painting to help bring attention to President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan. However, this photo and painting is not part of our Support President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Project.

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Michael Killen Created the Painting “Sustainability” (5 X 24 feet) to Assist NASA Share An Important Message

NASA Ames and several organizations that include the City of Palo Alto, County of Santa Clara, Santa Clara University, and Silicon Valley Energy Summit at Stanford University have displayed the painting at their buildings or events.

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What Does A Two Degree C. Increase In Temperature of the Planet Mean To Us?

The above is a discussion with Dr. Alex Cannara and Michael Killen. It goes further than just sharing what two decree Centigrade increase means, suggesting when we might have reached that increase.

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Pat Burt’s Plans for How Palo Alto’s Government Should Address COVID-19 and other Challenges.

Palo Alto Weekly’s Journalist Asked Pat Burt Leading Candidate for Councilman Tough Questions Such as COVID 19 Action Interview available at YouTube https://youtu.be/FzPUQb3-hu0

#PaloAlto #Traffic, #homeless, #COVID 19 #Election

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The Passing of the Great Ennio Morricone

Michael Killen ussually makes paintings such as ‘Resilence of America’, to help share important messages. Michael remains a great admire of Ennio and his work.

“How Ennio Morricone Writes a Score” by Michael Killen 2019.

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Critical Climate Change Solution 1. Tax On Carbon

Michael Killen’s interview with Jonathan Marshal, Economist


Jonathan Marshal’s Artical copy

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City College of San Francisco Edu. Access Television Now Broadcasts the Killen Report Joining 100 Other USA Community Stations

In the Greater San Francisco Silicon Valley the Killen Report via TV reaches viewers in the following counties: Marin, Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Fransisco.
The Michael Killen Report and San Francisco County.
In San Fransisco viewers can watch the show at EATV2 Comcast channel 75/Wave channel 31 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 9:30am. For more information, check their website at www.ccsf.edu/EATV or call (415)239-3887.


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