Gov. Brown’s Climate Plan Goal ‘Safeguard California’ at Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2018, Stanford (June 21)

Michael Killen said, ‘I will share my interpretation of Governor Jerry Brown’s Climate Change Plan Goal # 6–‘Safeguard California’ at Jim Sweeney’s Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2018 at Stanford’, June 21, 2018. This will be the first time ‘Safeguard California: the Spirit of the People of California’ (6 x 15 foot) painting will appear in public.

Michael Killen heads the ‘Connect to California’s Climate Plan Project.  It consists of two deliverables:  They are 12 Large Scale “Message” Paintings that help to create an environment at events receptive to new ideas.   And, it includes Michael Killen’s TV/Radio and Social Media Interviews with Climate/Energy Solutions Providers.

For additional information contact Michael lives and works in Menlo Park, CA. Besides painting California’s Climate Plan and producing interviews that help suppliers share their solutions on TV/Radio and Social Media he has published a dozen white papers and 400 major market research reports. He founded and ran Killen & Associates, Inc. for 35 years. Michael has produced over 600 interviews. Four publishers have brought his six books to the marketplace. ‘IBM: The Making of the CommonView’ made best Seller Lists.   He has keynoted events for the Asian Banker, AT&T, NEC, SAP,  and Software AG.

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Jim Sweeney’s (Stanford) Thinking On Upcoming Silicon Valley Energy Summit June 21, 2018

Michael Killen, artist and talk show host quizzed Sweeney on what he plans to do for us at the SVES 2018.

More info on this year’s energy summit .



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I Will Produce Interview for TV With the Producer of the Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2018

The Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2018, at Stanford is June 21. However, Thursday evening May 3,  at the Media Center TV, Palo Alto; I will ask Jim Sweeney, Producer of that event, on camera,  what can we expect from him and his speakers this year.  I will also make the point that, as of now, his event will be the first event where three of my paintings that each interprets one of the six sub goals of California’s Climate Climate Plan will be displayed. Guests are invited to attend the 6PM taping.


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Research On CA’s Climate Plan Goal 3 Leads to Stanford U. and the French

Goal 3 of California’s Climate Plan is ‘Double the Energy Efficiency Savings in Existing Buildings.’  Michael Killen, Event Artist is presently studying how to paint that goal and solutions needed,  to attain it. His research led to Dr. Aimee Bailey of the French energy company EDF,  and to Stanford University. This TV show helps decision makers deepen their understanding of Goal # 3, how EDF is helping, and Stanford’s District Heating and Cooling System.










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“California’s Climate Strategy Goal #2 Now a 6X15 foot Painting”

California’s Climate Plan #2 is “Reduce 50% Petroleum in Vehicles 2030.”  In Part 2 of an interview for TV that will be released later this week, Joe Stagner, Exe. Dir. Sustainability and Energy Management, Stanford University; will help introduce the painting to the public. And, Jim Sweeney, Producer of the Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2018, at Stanford will display the work at the event June 21. He will also show two other Michael Killen 6 x 15 foot paintings that interpret tow more objectives of California’s Climate Plan.





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Exe. Dir. Sustainability & Energy Management, Stanford University Wants to Share His Experience

In the interview,  Joe Stagner helped me think how we can help California attain goal number #3 of its Climate Plan.  That goal is: “Double the Energy Efficiency Savings in Existing Buildings.”  Viewers who have other related interests that include how to reduce energy costs and emissions will find Joes’ experience valuable.


This TV show/Video is Part 1 of a two part interview.



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Today’s Washington Post Story On Sec. G. Shultz’s Climate & Energy Plan

The news crerates an  opportunity for me to add that the Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2017 at Stanford (June) was first to present ‘Sec. George Shultz’s Climate and Energy Recommendation to the President’ (Trump) in the form of a 6 X 15-foot painting. A month earlier Shultz reviewed the painting and commented on how Trump would react to his plan.

The  Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2018 at Stanford, at this time, will be the first event to present a series of paintings, I am making , on California’s Climate Change Plan.

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