Art of Trump Provides a New View of a Person Some Believe Is a Threat to the Country

Paintings enable voters to see issues or developments such as Trumps thoughts about women, the vaccine, assets of the country, self dealing, and threats.

Previously the artist had made paintings that included “Resilience of America” and “Sustainablity of America”.

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Michael Killen Discusses his “Art of Trump Series”

Jonathan Kleid and Michael Killen discuss Michael’s latest series of paintings: “Art of Trump Series”.  This collection of art has the mission of helping Americans vote wisely.

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The Fourth Installment to Michael Killen’s “Paintings of President Trump Series”

I made this series of paintings for Independents and persons thinking about voting for President Trump. Like many of them, I came from a blue collar family, and never went to college. I hope this series helps people vote wisely.

How Trump Plans to Pay His $421 Million In Debt If Reelected

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Trump Views Women

The painting is by Silicon Valley artist Michael Killen.  Inspired by Trump’s “ethics” and Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.

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Trump’s Gift to America

This painting needs no explanation. However, it is part of a series of paintings by Michael Killen that has the goal of helping US voters make a wise decision when they vote for the next president.

The painting is 6-feet tall and 4-feet wide.

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Trump’s October 2020 COVID 19 Vaccine

This painting is by Michael Killen. There is no vaccine in the beaker on the table. We do not expect one this month or this year.

This painting is part of a series based on statements Trump has made.

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Pat Burt’s Plans for How Palo Alto’s Government Should Address COVID-19 and other Challenges.

Palo Alto Weekly’s Journalist Asked Pat Burt Leading Candidate for Councilman Tough Questions Such as COVID 19 Action Interview available at YouTube

#PaloAlto #Traffic, #homeless, #COVID 19 #Election

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The Passing of the Great Ennio Morricone

Michael Killen ussually makes paintings such as ‘Resilence of America’, to help share important messages. Michael remains a great admire of Ennio and his work.

“How Ennio Morricone Writes a Score” by Michael Killen 2019.

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Critical Climate Change Solution 1. Tax On Carbon

Michael Killen’s interview with Jonathan Marshal, Economist


Jonathan Marshal’s Artical copy

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City College of San Francisco Edu. Access Television Now Broadcasts the Killen Report Joining 100 Other USA Community Stations

In the Greater San Francisco Silicon Valley the Killen Report via TV reaches viewers in the following counties: Marin, Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Fransisco.
The Michael Killen Report and San Francisco County.
In San Fransisco viewers can watch the show at EATV2 Comcast channel 75/Wave channel 31 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 9:30am. For more information, check their website at or call (415)239-3887.


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