Harry Cohen Retrospective Cancelled

Michael Killen announced:  “I regret to inform you that the Harry Cohen Retrospective art exhibition and opening, Boston Expressionism and Californian Colors, has been cancelled. Negotiations between ArtVentures Gallery and the Cohen Art Trust broke down. We are saddened that we will all miss the opportunity to enjoy some of Harry’s extraordinary art. We do look forward to future opportunities that may arise.

My team  will now  get back to helping organizations share their climate change solution message.

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What Are the Most Critical Climate Solutions We Need Now

Jonathan Kleid is the Principle of the Kleid Group, and Ripudaman Malhotra is President of Malhotra Energy Consultancy.

Kleid asks Malhotra what are the few climate change solutions the world needs to invest more funds to keep good climate change fight up ASAP.

This is Episode 5 of “Search for Solution to Stop Climate Change and Meet Energy Needs” Project.

Ripudaman Malhotra

Fellow, American Chemical Society

Co-author: A Cubic Mile of Oil

Energy blog: cmo-ripu.blogspot.com

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We Waited Too Long to Address Climate Change, and Now We Must Buy Time

Michael Killen, Director of the “Search for Solution to Stop Climate Change and Meet Energy Needs” Project and Dr. Steve Zornester, a former NASA executive, Co-Chair of Board of Directors of ICE911, discuss an issue, that contributes 40% to the Climate Change problem. Killen asked Zornester how he and the organization are going to give the world a few more years, to mobilize, reduce the threat of climate change. Watch the interview on YouTube:

or TV. This is Episode 4 of “Search for Solution to Stop Climate Change and Meet Energy Needs Project.

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“Harry Cohen, Retrospective” at Art Ventures Gallery, Menlo Park, CA

Harry Cohen passed away in September 2019. He was loved by a great number of people, and was also a great artist.

Katharina Powers, owner of the Art Ventures Gallery in Menlo Park, CA, said she is honored to present Harry Cohen’s Retrospective, December 13, 2019 through January 30, 2020. Opening Sat. Dec. 14, 4-6PM. Michael Killen is curator and a collector of Harry Cohen’s art. Killen will speak at the Opening.

Harry Cohen’s art was on display at NASA AMES,  Stanford University and many other places.

Paula Kirkeby, Smith-Andersen Editions and Gallery, said, “Early on Harry’s work had the feel of a de Kooning. His work evolved into a spirited and emotional life of its own. He made great art for art collectors.”

Terry L. Root, Senior Fellow Emerita, Stanford University, wrote:

“When my late husband, Steve Schneider, died unexpectedly, I was left with memories and photographs to remind me of events in our lives.  But thankfully Harry did several paintings of Steve.  Harry was a brilliant painter because not only did he capture the likeness of Steve, but he also captured quirks of his personality.  These paintings I treasure because they are vivid reminders to me of Steve’s wonderful personality.  Every day I thank Harry for his paintings, while at the same time embracing wonderful memories of Steve.  The world has lost a very talented painter with the passing of Harry.”

Throughout long years of friendship and collaboration Michael Killen produced several TV Show Episodes with Harry Cohen, and recent one, involving Art Professor and Harry’s friend Fredric Holle, to commemorate Harry’s work and life.

“Harry Cohen, Retrospective”, curated by Michael Killen, will be hosted by Art Ventures Gallery, 888 Santa Cruz Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025 December 13, 2019 – January 30, 2020

Visit https://www.artventuresgallery.com

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Episode 1. Will Michael Moore’s Movie Influence Thinking of Replacing Power Plants with Solar and Wind

In the 1st episode, Michael Killen asks two leading energy analysts — Alex Cannara and Ripu Malhotra, to respond to reports about Moore’s upcoming movie “Planet of Humans.” This half-hour episode may persuade viewers and listeners to alter their investments in energy companies and climate change action-now strategies.


Episode 2. Can the Lithium Supply Chain Meet DemandMichael Killen,  Killen Report, and Ripudaman Malhotra discuss if their is enough Lithium to meet the need of  renewable energy solutions.


Episode 3. How Easy Is It to Transition to Electric Vehicles

Michael Killen, Killen Report and Janelle London, Co-Executive Director of Coltura,  and  Mayor Ray Mueller (Menlo Park). They discuss transportation market trends  and how easy or difficult is it to switch to electric vehicles.


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Artist Killen to Release Painting, to Help Celebrate Ennio Morricone’s 91 Birthday

Ennio Morricone is one of the most critical composers or our time and the most important one who wrote for film. Michael Killen is a Silicon Valley Artist who primarily makes paintings such “Resilience of America”, “Sustainability” and “Sec. George Shulz’s Climate and Energy Recommendation to President of the US”.’   Killen made “Ennio Morricone: How He Thinks When He Writes”, to honors the man who created music that helps make life wonderful.

Killen is looking for a venue to display his music genre new painting. NASA, Stanford, State of California, and the US Government have exhibited his climate action, energy, and political murals.


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Return Here End of Sept. We’ll Release Interview w. Head of ICE/911

With close to a 100 community TV stations that have licensed ‘The Killen Report’  talk show we reach community leaders across the US.  We alse make our show available to community radio stations,  too. On YouTube we reach viewers around the world.

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