Killen & Associates

“Given a choice between a cannon and a Thunderbolt,

I will always choose the latter.”  Napoleon 

This is a marketing thunderbolt that enables the marketing and other corporate  executives of an energy company to leverage their accomplishments, to further assure the success of the company’s Transition Strategy. Michael Killen and his team will significantly help our client attain the benefits of its Transition Strategy.

The Thunderbolts

1. Painting that Interprets the Client’s Transition Strategy

The art enables employees and investors to see the strategy creating a worldwide news event.

Michael will create a 10ft x 20ft semi-abstract interpretation of the client’s transition strategy. It will  attract decision makers who will pause for a few minutes, to decode the message. And, that process will help viewers retain the message longer than most other branding approaches.

Only one company will receive this benefit this year.

We will provide our client with a photo of the painting and a license to use the photo for all its branding strategies, including exhibitions, billboards, and VIP gifts.

Michael needs four months to make this thunderbolt. But we can help you now.

2. Enrich the Company’s Sustainability, Resilient and Climate Action Now Leadership Brand, and Increase Appeal to Spanish Speaking People Worldwide

Michael will now issue a license that will enable one energy company to use the photo of each of the  three following paintings for all of their branding opportunities.

Sustainability (5′ x 24′)

Resilience (5′ x 24′)

Don Quixote Demonstrates Climate Action Leadership (6′ x 20′)

3. TV/Internet Discussions with Client’s Spokespersons, Customers, Partners and Contacts

Johnathan Kleid, host of the ‘The Killen Report,” a TV/Internet show conducts the half hour discussions that enable the client to share their message with our TV and Internet audience. We provide client copies of the discussions for their own use.

The client can select the topics for discussions. Here is a discussion with Jonathan and Ripudaman Malhotra, head of energy markets and technology. 

Jonathan Interviews Rapu Malahoptra on Climate Energy Issues

We have produced interviews with Lynn Orr, Undersecretary of the U.S Department of Energy, Burt Richter, Director of SLAC, a U.S Department of energy laboratory, and Chris Field, IPCC Project Manager. And, we have produced interviews on climate change, carbon drawdown, energy efficiency, nuclear energy and many other topics.

4. Michael’s Paintings of the $1 Trillion Subsidized U.S. Climate Energy Solution Market Can Help Create Sales

Build the EV Charging Network (5′ x 6′)

Increase the Energy Efficiency of Clusters of Buildings (6′ x 20′)

Improve and Expand the Electric Grid, Electrify Communities, and Transportation, Increase Renewal Energy Sources (5′ x 15′)

4. White Papers

After discussion with our client, Ripudaman Malhotra will write two white papers that will help our customers obtain their objectives.  Michael says, “Ripu has been his climate and energy advisor for ten years. He will produce an effective paper on any topic the client requires.”

Killen & Associates will publish the papers and offer them to public at no change. We will grant the client the rights to republish the paper.

Killen & Associates

The organization in now focused on helping one energy company increase sales and profits, and gain attain a competitive advantage that will encourage competitors to increase their efforts to reduce the threat to the planet.  Michael is a conceptual artist who has interpreted the threats of greenhouse gases. He is also the founder and president of Killen & Associates, and Strategic Inc., companies that  published multi-client studies and white papers on computer, semiconductor, and telecommunication issues and developments. Strategic also produced conferences on management concepts and information technology in Dubai, Singapore and in South Africa.

Michael is author of the following books:

Introduction to Programming, Wang laboratories, Inc.,

-IBM The Making of the Common View, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

-SAA Image Processing, McGraw Hill

-IBM’s Distributed Data Base Strategy, McGraw Hill

-IBM’s User Interface Strategy, McGraw Hill

Killen & Associates’ team knows the energy companies’ situation, including opportunities, resources, restraints, and threats. And it has unique resources that can help one energy improve its situation before the start of the new year. 

Killen & Associate is a consulting organization that, when it deepens its understanding of a company such as Chevon’s situation, will apply our scarce and unique resources to assist the company in leveraging existing resources to attain its goals. 

Our organization applies art that applies to emotions, white papers that appeal to logic, and a TV/Internet show that shares our client’s improved message. Besides being a visual artist, Michael founded Strategic Inc., which he ran for 15 years and published 100 studies and white papers. 

Ripudaman Malhotra is a co-author of “Cubic Mile of Oil,” leading many energy industry, business, and technology projects, including advising Michael on energy development and issues for ten years. SRI honored him as an SRI Fellow, Chemistry.

Caul Laur has a long history of directing talent, behind-the-camera managing production crews, and post-editing teams needed to create films and TV shows. In addition, he has successfully managed many Killen & Associates and other organizations’ productions.

Johann Kleid hosts the Killen Report TV/Internet discussion show. He was an assistant conductor of the San Francisco Symphony. When he is not hosting The Killen Report, he manages the Kleid Custom Cabinet Company. 

Max Killen had worked for Apple Computer for 20 years, helping to train domestic and foreign customers, the company’s management, salespersons, and technologist. At Killen & Associates, he is the Assistant to the President, in charge of the computer infrastructure and promotion of the discussion and white papers. 

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Paintings at Events

The following four paintings help suppliers bring attention to their change solutions.

Our clients include our climate and energy paintings in their exhibits. The Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Interior (DOI), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Department of Commerce (DOC), and other federal and government organizations, as well as state governments, may welcome the opportunity to display their exhibits at events.

The DOC, DOI, NASA, and CA Governor’s Office of Planning and Research have displayed our paintings at their events or offices.

Tom McGinty, VP of US Department of Commerce, and Michael Killen with the painting “Resilience” in the lobby of the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara CA.

Events, Partners, and Video Discussions

Stanford University Sustainably Club at the Silicon Valley Energy Summit in front of ‘President Biden’s Initiative to Increase Energy Efficiency of Clusters of buildings

Microsoft Research Center event painting “Reliance” (5′ x 24’)

Sustainable Silicon Valley event at Santa Clara University, painting ‘Sustainability’ (4′ x 24′)

Dr. Steven Zornetzer, Associate Director, NASA Ames painting ‘Sustainability’ (4′ x 24′)

A Study of Guernica After Picasso (4′ x 6′)

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