Trump’s Plan for Women Who Say No

When I decided to make a painting that  would help influence the November 2016 elections I decided to interpret on canvas an aspect of Trump’s personality and history. This took me instantly  to Picasso’s great painting ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.’ (When I started to teach myself how to paint,   I  made ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon After Picasso.’) Those who know  Picasso’s painting know why I now decided to again tap into it, to make the painting ‘Trump’s Plan for Women Who Say No’ (4 x 6 foot).



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Art That Is New and that Really Matters

New Painting from Michael Killen Suggests Next President’s Energy Strategy Needed to Slow Climate and Ocean Change.’ Energy and climate and ocean experts help share the story.

Michael Killen lives and works in the Silicon Valley city of Menlo Park, CA. He makes paintings, TV programs and YouTube videos to help raise the level or discussion of important developments and issues. @KillenMichael

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Mayor of Burlingame to Kickoff Celebration of Art that Enriches the Community, Sat AM

“Yes,” said the France born artist, Cecile Picard,  ‘I made the art–a mural.  It will  now greeting art lovers, educators and shoppers “from” the outside wall of Burlingame United Methodist Church. The church is at  Howard Ave and Primrose RD .

“My muse was the wonderful community of Burlingame. In making the painting I tapped into the Matisse’s work.”

Ms. Picard is a member of the Menlo Park

Mayor Ann Keighran, Burlingame starts the celebration   Saturday, October 8, 11am – 12:30pm.’ All are welcome.

Cécile Picard is  sculptor, painter, muralist, and designer.  She holds degrees in Fine Arts from the Beaux Arts in Dijon, France and from Otis Parsons in Los Angeles. And,  she is an advisor to Menlo Park’s  artist Michael Killen who interprets climate and ocean change, and other  developments of our time on large canvases.


Expect a party. All are welcome.


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In Oct. 2017 I will Release the Painting ‘Trump’s ‘Climate Change Strategy’

Having made paintings that include ‘Sustainability’ (5 x 24ft) for NASA, and ‘Resilience of America’ (5 x 24 ft),  prints of both are displayed  in Gov. Jerry Brown’s Office of Planning and Research,  I have an  understanding of Trumps’s strategy and know how to make this painting.  I will release the 6 x 12ft painting in October.  I will release it first on






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‘Staving the Great Giant (Greenhouse Gas) of Our Time’ (6 X 15 ft) Oct. 2016

The painting is inspired, in part,  by the national energy policy recommendations that Secretary George Shultz plans to give the next president. Yes, the painting will include a fee on carbon and the distribution of funds.

My new paintings have been displayed at events hosted by  the County of Santa Clara,  Microsoft Silicon Valley Research Center, Palo Alto, Save the Bay, Silicon Valley Energy Summit at Stanford, Sustainable Sustainable, and US Department of Commerce and US Geological Survey.  Contact me to discuss obtaining access to this painting for your event.

The painting will be released first at

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Which Org. Wants To Be First To Use Michael’s Painting that Forecast Most Important New Elements Likely To Be Added to Next US Energy Policy



Michael is the artist who made ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Resilience of America’, both 24 feet long and that continued to be used by important organizations to bring attention to their important message. The US Dept. of Commerce and Interior, NASA and Stanford are among the organizations that have used these paintings.

The California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research use large prints of those paintings, as well as a print of Michael’s painting  ‘Energy and Emissions’ (6 x 15 feet), to help bring attention to its important message.

The new paintings will be available in October 2016. It is on three 6 x 5 foot panels for easy shipping.  Prints will also be available at same time.

Please start discussion with Michael by contacting by using

Michael Speaking at USGS event with his painting 'Gone with the Wind is the Electric Grid'

Michael Killen @USGS 12/11/2015 With ‘Gone With the Wind is the Electric Grid’


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Michael Killen to Speak In Mendocino Sun Aug 28 -What He Learned Making Art That Helps CaGov NASA Dept. Interior Share Climate, Ocean & Energy Message


Michael will speak at the Art Mix Mendocino Event in the Odd Fellows Hall Mendocino, CA.  6-7:30PM. He’ll share what he learned making paintings that interpret  climate change, concentration of wealth and power, economic gap, energy, ocean change, greenhouse gas emissions,  and future or civilization.   He will take questions on the direction of his  work in progress painting that forecast key elements of the post Obama national energy policy. And, he’ll take questions on  the controversial local forest management practice of “hack and squirt” or  “treating trees.”


All are welcome. Admission N/c.


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