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Artist Who Interpret Developments and Issues of Our Time

  The host is Lori Greenleaf.  Artist is Michael Killen, California artist who made ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Resilience of America ‘ both 5 x 24 feet. He made ‘Sustainability’  for NASA.

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The RRCTV – Rutland, VT Became an Affiliate of The Killen Report TV

Michael Killen, Host of the TV program that has a mission of providing community TV stations across the US quality TV programming said he is pleased that the RRCTV has signed to broadcast my TV show.The number of stations that … Continue reading

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Climate Change Community Action Message that Works #1

Sandra Slater, Ca. Dir. of the Cool Cities Challenge explains how your community can apply the neighbor to neighbor approach, to help  slow climate change.  Michael Killen produced the interviewed at the Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2017 at Stanford. He … Continue reading

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Winning Climate Change Community Messenger (Ms. Kat A. Donnelly)

Ms. Kat A. Donnelly has discovered how to package and present a climate change message so it resonate effectively with communities. She gets our Best Climate Change Messenger Award. Kat is the Founder and CEO of Azentive. http://www.azentive. (I, Michael … Continue reading

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Spencer Michels, Long Term PBS Corr. & Michael Killen Discuss Where News Is Now

This interview is a must for everyone who values news. Spencer says, “News helps us understand what is going on.  ..shares what has caused reporting the news to be what it is today.   Spencer also shares the developments that … Continue reading

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F. Mayors of Atherton and Palo Alto Discussed CA Climate Policies On KZSU Stanford Radio 90.1 FM

On July 13, Bill Widmer, Atherton; and Pat Burt and I discussed CA. Cap and Trade Legislation, four other elements of Ca, Climate Change Policy. We discussed CA. High Speed Train Project.

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Organizations That Displayed CA Artist’s ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Resilience of America’

Organizations that include Microsoft, NASA, US Dept. Commerce, Silicon Silicon Valley Energy Summit at Stanford, Sustainable Silicon Valley, Santa Clara University, City of Palo Alto and County of Santa Clara County, CA have displayed these painting at their events. ‘Sustainability'( … Continue reading

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