Silicon Valley Becomes the Silicon Archipelago of Environmental and Economic Sustainability

Carroll Harrington, Palo Alto’s super community activist watched my interview with Brian Schmidt of Committee for Green Foothills and was kind to conjure up the above title and description below of the interview:

“Land management that retains economic and environmental values constitutes the basic component of sustainability. Michael Killen, the TV talk show host who is the artist creating the world’s largest climate change painting (24 feet) focused on sustainability, interviews Brian Schmidt of Committee for Green Foothills. Brian’s years as an advocate of the wise use of natural resources and land in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties can provide insights in protecting natural and developed real estate, both in those counties and in many other areas facing similar development challenges. Learn about the front lines of local open space protection that preserves our local economy as well as natural resources, natural habitats and working farmlands.”

I appreciate her help.

I had initially drafted the following:

“Silicon Valley Governments and Environments Work to Protect Real Estate Values

One way that Silicon Valley—the greater Palo Alto community that includes the counties of Santa Clara and San Mateo—protects real estate values is by effectively managing land use and natural resources. But how do they do it? Michael Killen, TV talk show host and artist, who is painting the world’s largest painting–24 foot painting, that he will title “Sustainability” or “Sustainability Base” asks Brian Schmidt, a leading advocate of wise land use and natural resources, to provide insights on how San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties continue to protect real estate investments. His insights are important to other communities and property owners.

There are many other benefits to land management and open space.Interview taped at the Midpeninsula Community Media Center, San Antonio Road, Palo Alto.”

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About Michael Killen, TV, Radio and Online Talkshow Host, and Artist

I'm a Radio TV and Internet talk show host. I interview guests who have an important story-message; to share. My guests have included the Chairman of AT&T and Nobel Prize Winners. 50 TV stations have license to broadcast my show., 'The Killen Report.' I’m also the artist who interpreted ‘Resilience of America’, 'Sustainability,' 'Sec. George Shultz’s 'Climate Plan for the GOP', and 'Don Quixote Fights Sea Level Rise', and 'Methane Join Carbon to Boil the Planet’ on "large" canvas. I am the founder of market research company Killen & Associates, Inc. that I ran for 35 years. The climate change battle may turn on messaging—reaching and persuading new communities of people who have not heard the climate message and who need to hear it ASAP. I work to help it turn in the right way. If you think I can help- @KillenMichael or michael@killen. I’m in Silicon Valley.
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