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PG&E Plan to Shut Down Diablo Canyon Power Plant Will Hurt Cal’s Climate Initiative and Rate Payers

Michael Killen, radio/TV talk show host and artist, on KZSU Stanford Radio 90.1 fm interviewe with Gene Nelson, PhD and Government Liaison for Californians for Green Nuclear Power.

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CA Assemblymember Chris Holden (D-41) Attempt to Undermine State’s Climate Goal

Responding to a request from KZSU Stanford Radio host, Michael Killen, Gene Nelson, PhD resonded ‘Yes. PacifiCorp has been laboring to create what they call a “Regional Energy Imbalance Market” or “Regional Load Balancing Authority” to sell PacifiCorp’s surplus dirty … Continue reading

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License “The Killen Report” Syndicated TV Show

Michael Killen is the Host/Producer of the issue oriented half-hour TV program “The Killen Report.” Michael interviews guests who have an important message to share with communities everywhere. To attain a license or other means to broadcast the show contact … Continue reading

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Head of the Annual Silicon Valley Energy Summit at Stanford Discusses California Climate Leadership Strategy and Funding for Energy Research In the Trump Era

Michael Killen produced the interview with Dr. James L. Sweeney, Hoover Fellow, and head of the famed research organization -Precourt Energy Efficiency Center at Stanford; during a live broadcast at KZSU Stanford Radio 90.1 FM. The interview also addressed a … Continue reading

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Michael Killen to Attend Art Event at FOG Gallery, San Francisco Sun Aug 27

Michael Killen, radio and TV personality, and art collector will attend the ‘A Closing Toast With Grandmaster Artist Harry Cohen (92)’ at the FOG Far Out Gallery in San Francisco Sun. Aug 27. I expect to meet interesting people and … Continue reading

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Toast To SF Grandmaster Artist Harry Cohen

Anne Herbst, Owner of the San Fransisco FOG Far Out Gallery said, “I decided to host the event ‘Closing Toast With Harry’ to honor the remarkable 92-year-old artist Harry Cohen as his exhibition, at my gallery, comes to an end. … Continue reading

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Arlington Community Media, Ma. Most Recent TV Station to Obtain License to Broadcast ‘The Killen Report’ TV Show

Michael Killen, host and producer, of ‘The Killen Report’ TV  show that has a mission  of providing  interviews with expects on various topics to community access TV stations serving rural and other communities across the US said, “I’m pleased that … Continue reading

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