Vision of Sustainability–Palo Alto Online

In July 2011 Alto Alto Online published a story about Michael Killen vision of sustainability which manifests itself in an ambitious and far reaching painting –“Sustainability. The painting is featured in the art exhibition “As Bold as California.” The article points out that the exhibition is presently being presented in the City Hall of Palo ALto until July 28. The next day the County Santa Clara hosts the exhibition in its headquarters in San Jose. In October NASA AMES will host the exhibition.

About Michael Killen--Head of 'Art of California's Climate Plan', Syndicated TV and Radio Talk Show

Michael Killen runs a media consulting company based in Silicon Valley, Killen & Assocoates. He and his team have published 400 market research studies and a dozen white papers; produced 600 TV and radio interview show, wrote six books, keynoted many business events around the world, and shared his rermarks at colleges and universities in the China, UAE, and US. He is the artist who made "Sustainability", for NASA; and "Resilience of America", "Don Quixote Fights Sea Level Rise" and "Water Water Every Where and Not a Drop to Drink." Three of his works are displayed in Gov. Jerry Brown's Office of Planning and Research. Contact if you have an important and challenging project. Michael hosts the syndicated TV talk show 'The Killen Report' and the KZSU Stanford Radio 90.1 FM show, 'Michael Killen Radio.'
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4 Responses to Vision of Sustainability–Palo Alto Online

  1. markweiss86 says:

    I just noticed a poster about your work in the window of Cookie’s barber shop on Ramona and thought to take a quick detour to check on the actual work; the poster notes, as does this post, that the work is on display until (or thru?) July 28.

    Noa who took my electrical bill money noted that you had come by this morning to move the painting.
    I guess I can go bug Cookie about grabbing the poster for my flat file.
    Mark Weiss
    Wednesday, July 27, noonish
    (I think I got sight of it on way to speak to council Monday about saving the Varsity).

    • Dear Mark,

      We ended the exhibition a day or so early becaue a doctor and I suddenly agreed that he needed to operation on my knee ASAP. Much work to get ready for this operation which is tomorrow in Az. I decided that we’d move the exibition to its next stop–Seat of the County of Santa Clara; a day or so early to enable me to concentrate on on medical requirements days just before the trip to Az.

      Please contact me in two weeks and I will be pleased to inform you of new locations of the art exhibition. I regret that we inconvenienced you.


  2. Hi Michael, I was looking up John Laird quotes on climate changes and saw your connection to art. So I thought I would contact you about my collaboration with 7 scientists and artists – I started this project 3 years ago, and recently presented my Virtual Undersea Experience and was on a panel at the Cal Climate Change Adaptation Forum in Sacramento last month. Were you there? I will be projecting images and video on buildings and silks with info and other arts at the New Years First Night Monterey Celebration. Would you please put me on your mailing list for your future exhibitions? Thanks, Kira

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