Art Exhibition Brings Attention to Cargill and DMB’s Plan to Develop Salt Ponds in Redwood City,CA

Menlo Park: Cafe Borrone, Menlo Park—one of the hottest spots on the San Francisco Peninsula—is hosting the art exhibition “Bathtubs Bathtubs Everywhere” featuring artists Michael Killen and Harry Cohen until May 27, 2012.

Concerned community citizens brought the giant Saltworks Project to the attention of Killen and Cohen. Minnesota-based Cargill has partnered with Arizona-based developer DMB Associates to build 12,000 homes in the salt flats located east of 101 (between Marsh Road and Woodside Road), despite the lack of water for these projected 30,000 residents.

“We decided to make a series of paintings to help the residents of Redwood City and the Peninsula increase their awareness that these two out-of-state companies plan will harm the quality of life of all living things in the Bay Area, including its people,” says Killen.

This exhibition includes “Bathtubs Bathtubs Everywhere” that reminds the artists of Coleridge’s great poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”; “Threat to the Three Graces of the San Francisco Bay,” alluding to the three women who founded the Save The Bay 50 years ago; and “It Gives and Gives and Gives: The San Francisco Bay,”I hoping viewers of this painting will realize we need to give now, to help protect and restore this important waterway—a lifeline for us and future generations.

Roy Borrone, owner, who prides himself on serving  quality food, providing an environment where guests can enjoy their large patio, the water fountain and the sun with delicious food served by his friendly team of servers, says, “When I walked in and saw the art I thought I had just gulped down a double espresso. This art is as alive as graffiti, but you know there is something deep behind it.”

About Michael Killen - Helps Energy Companies Attain The Goal of Their Transition Strategies

Provided message-art to the US Dept. Commerce, Dept. Interior, NASA, Gov. CA. Microsoft, Stanford University and other organizations to help them share their climate, energy and sustainability messages, published 100 market research reports, and assisted 700 leaders worldwide share their messages on social media and TV. Michael is the author of five published books, and also the artist who created the Inflation Reduction Series of paintings.
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