“Rich Gordon, Assemblyman, 21st District, State of California”


Rich Gordon discusses how Governor Brown has been working to improve the finances of the State of California–the sustainability of the State. Rich reviews how the Governor and the Legislature are reducing costs. He also reviews how the Governor, at the November 2012 election, is giving the people of the State the opportunity to decide to increase taxes or to decrease education, health and other services. Gordon clearly believes the reduction of State services will lead to a dumber, less healthy, productive and competitive State.

A day after conducting the interview with Rich, Michael and former Mayor of Atherton Malcolm Dudley met at an art exhibition. Michael mentioned what happened the day before on his TV program. Malcolm volunteered, “I’ve worked with Rich. He is as committed to serving the people of California District 21 as Obama is to helping all of the people of the US. Malcolm is convinced that we stay the course with the present President.

Michael Killen is painting the developments of our time that include Climate Change, Future of Civilization and Human Rights.

Keywords:  San Francisco, Catholic Church, Taliban, Mormons, Republicans, tea party.

About Michael Killen, TV Talkshow Host and Artist

Ask how I can help. Michael@killen.com. Michael comes from the corporate computer and the business research report publishing industries. He is author of six books, publisher of 400 business studies, and producer of 600 TV programs. He is also the artist who made "Sustainablity" (5 x 24 ft) for NASA. And, he made "Resilience of America In the Era of Trump" (5 x 24 ft) to be displayed June 23, 2017 at the Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2017 and at Stanford. He lives in Menlo Park, CA. Killen.com.
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