U.S. International Trade Administration Uses New Approach to Help Exporters Increase Sales for Sustainable Solutions

U.S. International Trade Administration Uses New Approach to Help Exporters Increase Sales for Sustainable Solutions

Tom McGinty, National Director for U.S. Operations of the International Trade Administration, told Michael Killen that his organization’s series of national events on ‘Discover Global Markets: Sustainable Solutions’ helps exporters of solutions to increase sales. Sustainable solutions include advanced energy, transportation, and water solutions.

The new approach concentrates ITA resources and other organizations’ resources at the locations of exporters. Previously, exporters reached out to the Administration for help.


Tom McGinty (R), Michael Killen (L) with Michael’s ‘Sustainability’ (24 x 5 feet) in background at Commerce’s event.

At a two-day February forum at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, the ITA’s fifty- member team presented the program. The group included thirty experts from around the world and staff from offices throughout California and other western states. The administration also invited local industry and market experts, exporters, and other persons to share their insights.    The administration also invited local industry and market experts, exporters and other persons to share their insights with attendees.  Marianna Grossman, Executive Director of Sustainable Silicon Valley, one of the panel moderators said, “I felt that this conference was very helpful to the suppliers who attended the event. Solution providers and the country representatives who attended made useful connections for finding technology for renewable energy, water efficiency and more, with assistance from the trade experts.”

The U.S. Commercial Service, in cooperation with NASA, hosted the dynamic, business forum. The next three stops for the forum in 2015 are: Miami, FL— May 12-14; Dallas, TX—October 7-9; and Irvine, CA—November 3-5.

The Department of Commerce is the third U.S. Government Agency to use Michael Killen’s art to help make their events a success. The other two are the Department of Interior and NASA.  Michael@killen.com.

About Michael Killen, TV, Radio and Internet Talkshow Host; and Artist

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