Liberty Fused to Coal and Oil

Michael Killen  has been invited to display his paintings for the 4th year in a row at the Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2015  at Stanford. As he was reviewing paintings that would be relevant to the June 25 event he rediscovered his Liberty Fused to Coal and Oil.  The painting  was  inspired by the thought of how difficult it will  be for the US Congress to help us off coal and oil when it realizes  the use of those sources of energy can do us in.

Liberty Fused to Coal and Oil (6' x 4')

‘Liberty Fused to Coal and Oil’ (6′ x 4′)  2012   Michael Killen

Jim Sweeney, Director of the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center at Stanford who hosts the event that will draw 400 attendees said,  “It is an understatement that Michael’s art is easy to read. However, his work and his presence at our event helps to enrich it for attendees and sponsors.”

Michael is presently developing the ‘Dire Consequences: Send in the Clowns series of paintings and film. Paintings that bring attention to two under reported  developments will be at the Energy Summit 2015.

About Michael Killen, TV Talkshow Host and Artist

Ask how I can help. Michael comes from the corporate computer and the business research report publishing industries. He is author of six books, publisher of 400 business studies, and producer of 600 TV programs. He is also the artist who made "Sustainablity" (5 x 24 ft) for NASA. And, he made "Resilience of America In the Era of Trump" (5 x 24 ft) to be displayed June 23, 2017 at the Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2017 and at Stanford. He lives in Menlo Park, CA.
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