Guests Who Want to Share Their Climate/ Energy Solution Message On TV/Radio

The next two dates and places Michael Killen, who heads the Connect to Califonia’s Climate Plan Service will produce interviews for TV/Radio shows will be: Thursday August 2,  at the Media Center, Palo Alto;  and, Sat. Aug 4 at the Marin TV, San Rafael.

Eighty TV stations have attained a license to broadcast the show.  Michael’s team also posts the show is on YouTube and podcast platforms.

To discuss this opportunity please contact


About Manages a Team That Helps Suppliers Increase Sales & Profits in the Building, Transportation, Electric Grid and Gen. of Electricity U.S. Energy Initiatives' Markets

A polymath with accomplishments in computer science, books(4), sales, sales management, and software development; business, marketing, media-TV interview shows (700); philosophy, and publishing market and industry reports(100).
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