Art of Stanford’s Climate-Energy Investment; Speaker Series in Menlo Park, Ca. Feb. 16-27, 2019

Photo of artist Michael Killen (left) with Vice President R&D of EDF, Inc. [Electricity of France], Jan van der Lee (right). He shares his thoughts Tuesday. 
IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Menlo Park, Feb. 5th, 2019) – Dr. Katharina Powers announces the Art Ventures Gallery Speaker Series:   Stanford’s Climate-Energy Investment In Perspective: Art, Politics, and Science.  This nine-day art and speaker series help the general public, and the business and investor communities deepen its understanding of why the university invested in under-reported energy technology, to reduce costs, greenhouse gas emissions and water.  It enables other organizations to discover an approach that might help them reach their climate and energy goals,  including that of California reaching one of its six climate-change goals.
Michael Killen, talk show host and painter, starts the series by sharing why he painted “Stanford’s  Climate and Energy Solution” (6ft x 15ft).  Dr. Powers said, “Artists do not usually paint important developments or speak on global business opportunities.” Michael will discuss the challenges of helping viewers “see” what Stanford has accomplished.
Confirmed speakers and schedule:
·         16   Sat  5:00 PM – Opening Reception featuring Michael Killen, Artist & Talk Show Host
·         18   Mon  6:30 PM – Open
·         19   Tues  6:30 PM – Jan van der Lee, Ph.D., VP R&D, EDF Inc. (Electricity of France)
·         20   Wed  6:30 PM – Joe Stagner, Executive Director, Sustainability & Energy Management, Stanford University
·         21   Thur  6:30 PM – Alex Cannara, Ph.D., Nuclear Energy & Ocean Change Advocate
·         22   Fri    6:30 PM – Ripudaman Malhotra, Fellow: American Chemical Society & Co-author: A Cubic Mile of Oil
·         23   Sat   5:00 PM – Nicole Kemeny, President, 350 Silicon Valley
·         26  Tues  6:30 PM – Pat Burt, Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto; and Ray Mueller, Mayor, City of Menlo Park.
·         27   Wed  6:30 PM – Franklin (Lynn) Orr, Ph. D., Former US Dept. of Energy Under Secretary for Science and Energy & Professor Emeritus, Department of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University
Art Ventures Gallery
888 Santa Cruz Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Art Ventures has always been active regarding inspirations that impact society, as traditionally all throughout time, art is the receptor of all walks of life, beautiful and disastrous.
For additional information, contact:
Dr. Katharina Power, 650-272-6154, or Killen & Associates, 650-392-5988.
The gallery open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from noon to 6 pm, Friday and Saturday from 10 am – 6 pm, closed Sundays & Mondays.  Artwork can also be seen by chance and appointment.  Please call 650-400-5325 or email
Community Partners:


About Michael Killen Helps Organizations Share Their Important Climate and Energy Action Message

Michael is committed to helping organizations share their climate action, energy, and sustainability solution message. He is the publisher of 400 business studies and marketing white papers, talk show host who helped 400 academics, artists, energy experts, environmentalists, government officials, and scientists share their message with Internet and TV audiences; and he is the artist who painted large-scale paintings that include California's Climate Plan,'Resilience',' Sustainability', and 'Safeguard Civilization. Contact him
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