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Lynn Orr, Former Under Sec. US DOE Discusses Transition to Clean Economy w. Michael Killen, Artist and Talkshow Host

  Michael Killen also asks Lynn Orr about California’s Climate Change Plan. Michael is  paintings that,  to help decision-makers, including voters see the plan.  Shortly, he will release the first painting.

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Art Inspired Conversation of Global Energy Choices: Only In Silicon Valley

Only in Silicon Valley might we find art and an artist who prepares an audience for an insightful discussion of global energy choices. It happens August 28, 2015 at the Nature Gallery in Los Alto, CA. Michael Killen will share … Continue reading

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Scientists Should Not Blame All On Climate Change

Michael Killen told scientists  they need to more frequently state that it is carbon emissions that impact the atmosphere and ocean. And, they should stop  sweeping what carbon emissions does to the ocean under term climate change. Political leaders also … Continue reading

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