Michael Killen Returning to Work After Medical Leave

Michael Killen returns to work first week of Sept. He plans to focus again on making his 24X5 foot painting “Sustainable” available to organizations, to help them share their energy efficiency and sustainability messages, products and services with new communities or marketplaces. He also plans to step up his effort to move the half hour documentary “Only From Silicon Valley” forward. Also, he plans to reduce the time he devotes to making TV programs and videos by 50%.

A day after the art exhibition As Bold as California at the County Seat of Santa Clara County, CA. closed, July 31, Michael flew to Phoenix, Az. A day later Dr. Anthony Hedley of the Arizona Institute Joint and Disorders operated on Michael knee to correct a failed knee replacement.

Friends, collegues and even medical professionals asked why Michael traveled out of his community–Silicon Valley Community; to have a operation that required 4 nights in St. Luke’s Hospital; when there are many local surgeons who perform knee replacements.

Michael said, “Best to seek help out side of the community where you received medical treatment below the standard of care. (Legal speak for medical malpractice.) And, its wise to seek the surgeons who are at the top in their profession, to help you. Anthony Hedley has not only performed more sucessful knee replacements (primaries) and revisions than the best two surgeon in my community, but he also did two other things: He developed operating procedures that other surgeons use, and has designed or helped to design 20 or knee implants themselves. No one in the Bay Area has that kind of record. This is why I traveled to Phoenix to have my knee fixed.

For a knee replaced or worse yet, a revised, its best to fly to Hedley.

About Michael Killen, TV, Radio and Internet Talkshow Host; and Artist

The climate and other battles may turn on who has the best message and most effective reach. In terms of guests, I'm interested persons from all professions and industry sectors who have an important message--story to share. Guests have included children, Chairman of AT&T, and Nobel Prize Winners. You can see them on 50 TV stations that have licensed my show, 'The Killen Report.' ...hear them on KZSU Stanford Radio 90.1 FM, for example, and watch them on YouTube. I also made paintings that include ‘Resilience of America’, 'Sustainability,' 'Sec. George Shultz’s Climate Plan for the GOP', Don Quixote Fights Sea Level Rise', and 'Methane Join Carbon to Boil the Planet.' Killen.com. If you think I can help- @KillenMichael or michael@killen. I’m in Silicon Valley. I keynote speeches,around the world , where I can help make an event a success.
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