Michael Killen Returning to Work After Medical Leave

Michael Killen returns to work first week of Sept. He plans to focus again on making his 24X5 foot painting “Sustainable” available to organizations, to help them share their energy efficiency and sustainability messages, products and services with new communities or marketplaces. He also plans to step up his effort to move the half hour documentary “Only From Silicon Valley” forward. Also, he plans to reduce the time he devotes to making TV programs and videos by 50%.

A day after the art exhibition As Bold as California at the County Seat of Santa Clara County, CA. closed, July 31, Michael flew to Phoenix, Az. A day later Dr. Anthony Hedley of the Arizona Institute Joint and Disorders operated on Michael knee to correct a failed knee replacement.

Friends, collegues and even medical professionals asked why Michael traveled out of his community–Silicon Valley Community; to have a operation that required 4 nights in St. Luke’s Hospital; when there are many local surgeons who perform knee replacements.

Michael said, “Best to seek help out side of the community where you received medical treatment below the standard of care. (Legal speak for medical malpractice.) And, its wise to seek the surgeons who are at the top in their profession, to help you. Anthony Hedley has not only performed more sucessful knee replacements (primaries) and revisions than the best two surgeon in my community, but he also did two other things: He developed operating procedures that other surgeons use, and has designed or helped to design 20 or knee implants themselves. No one in the Bay Area has that kind of record. This is why I traveled to Phoenix to have my knee fixed.

For a knee replaced or worse yet, a revised, its best to fly to Hedley.

About Michael Killen Helps Organizations Share Their Important Climate and Energy Action Message

Michael Killen is the founder and leader of Killen & Associates, Inc., a global consulting services and marketing company located in Silicon Valley. Killen & Associates has published over 400 market and industry research studies and a dozen white papers; produced 700 TV shows, and made some of the most important paintings that help its clients bring attention to their climate solutions. Michael is the developer of a methodology of strategy and author of five books - Introduction to Programming: A Mathematical Approach; IBM: The Making of the Common View (also translated and printed in Japanese); a 3-book series on IBM's complex architecture strategy [SAA: Imaging Processing, SAA: Managing Distributed Data, SAA and UNIX: IBM’s Open Systems Strategy]. At the start of a new decade in 2020, Killen & Associates announced a new major project that stops climate change before it ends civilization as we know it by focusing on what matters most. Helping Governments, non profits, utility companies and energy supplier communities, not just identify four of the most promising climate action solutions to support, but also to promote those approaches. Michael heads this project called ‘Climate Change Solutions that Save Civilization: Concentrate on What Matters Most’. Global organizations and executives from AT&T, IBM, MasterCard, Toshiba, Siemens, British Telecom, the US National Security Agency, Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Phillips of Holland have all benefitted from the consulting service of Killen & Associates. The studies allowed executives to think clearly about emerging opportunities and threats. TV shows assisted executives in sharing their messages globally. The only company of its kind, Killen & Associates also produces art for major events. The US Department of Commerce, US Department of Interior, Stanford University, Governor's Office of California, have all displayed Michael's art at their events. NASA selected Michael to make "Sustainability" (5ft X 24ft). This June (2020) will be the eighth year Stanford has displayed his paintings at their annual Silicon Valley Energy Summit. Contact me to discuss my art and sharing your message on my show to global audiences. Follow me on Twitter @KillenMichael or YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/ZeitgeistKillen.
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