Michael Killen Makes Special Painting for Save the Bay Foundation

Michael Killen says, “When I read David Lewis’ (Exe Dir.) word’s “a good environment is good for the economy (and jobs)” and when I was asked to donate a painting that would help make the Save the Bay’s Nov 3 gala fund raiser in San Francisco a success I decided to make: “It Keeps Giving and Giving and Giving: The San Francisco Bay.” The title helps remind people that environmental wonders like the San Francisco Bay give us a lot. Making the painting is my way to do the little that I can do to help an organization like the Save the Bay.

Janet Larsen brokered the deal between the Save the Bay organization and myself. She deserves much credit.

When David Lewis asked me what I’d paint I said,”In one of your blogs you linked the Bay to jobs, economy, climate change, sustainability and conservation. In another one I discovered that the Save the (SF)Bay was lobbying to help assure that as San Francisco gets ready for the America’s Cup that those preparations contribute to the sustainability of the San Francisco Bay and its community.” That was may answer. I plan to symbolically interconnect all of most of those elements or developments.”

The first week of November is a busy week for Michael. On Nov 1. NASA hangs Michael’s 24X6 foot painting “Sustainablity” in their new building Sustainablity Base. And, two days later he must hand over his next painting for the evening gala. Michael hopes to meet many old and new friends at this event.

Addition info. on the VIP party follows here:
“On Thursday November 3, 2011, Save The Bay will celebrate 50 years of achievements with a special Gala: SPLASH! 50 Years of Making Waves. As someone who shares our concerns to protect and restore our precious Bay, we invite you to participate in this milestone celebration through a donation of an item(s) or service(s) to our Gala Auction.

For 50 years, Save The Bay has been dedicated to protecting and restoring San Francisco Bay for future generations. San Francisco Bay is the jewel of the Bay Area – it sustains the quality of life and economy in the Bay Area. As an auction donor, you will let others know of your dedication to San Francisco Bay and your desire to align with the hundreds of thousands of people who have donated their time, financial resources, expertise, and political might to uphold the Bay’s health and beauty.

On November 3rd we will celebrate the many individuals and corporations who have contributed to the successes of our campaigns and restoration efforts through the years. We anticipate 400 – 450 of our friends and supporters joining us at the City View and Terrace at the Metreon in San Francisco for this special evening that will feature a “Taste of the Bay” reception, elegantly catered dinner, first-class entertainment, and a program to highlight our past, present, and future.

Your generous contribution to our Auction will be featured for our guests (community, business, and elected leaders from throughout the Bay Area) and will add to the overall success of this event. I hope you will say “yes” today so we may begin letting others know of your participation. We will have a strong social media strategy and online presence for this event, and will share the information with more than 25,000 Save The Bay members and supporters to provide you with additional visibility.

Enclosed please find an Auction Donation Reply form – please complete and return it to our event coordinator today. We look forward to including you in this exciting event.

Should you have any questions or require more information, please contact Earp Events & Fundraising at 510.839.3100 or events@earpevents.com. Thank you!


David Lewis
Executive Director”

About Helps Marketing & Sales Exes Seize Opportunities Created by Energy, Climate & Sustainability Provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act

Provided message-art to the US Dept. Commerce, Dept. Interior, NASA, Gov. CA. Microsoft, Stanford University and other organizations to help them share their climate, energy and sustainability messages, published 100 market research reports, and assisted 700 leaders worldwide share their messages on social media and TV. Michael is the author of five published books, and also the artist who created the Inflation Reduction Series of paintings.
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