Gov. Brown’s Climate Plan Goal ‘Safeguard California’ at Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2018, Stanford (June 21)

Michael Killen said, ‘I will share my interpretation of Governor Jerry Brown’s Climate Change Plan Goal # 6–‘Safeguard California’ at Jim Sweeney’s Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2018 at Stanford’, June 21, 2018. This will be the first time ‘Safeguard California: the Spirit of the People of California’ (6 x 15 foot) painting will appear in public.

Michael Killen heads the ‘Connect to California’s Climate Plan Project.  It consists of two deliverables:  They are 12 Large Scale “Message” Paintings that help to create an environment at events receptive to new ideas.   And, it includes Michael Killen’s TV/Radio and Social Media Interviews with Climate/Energy Solutions Providers.

For additional information contact Michael lives and works in Menlo Park, CA. Besides painting California’s Climate Plan and producing interviews that help suppliers share their solutions on TV/Radio and Social Media he has published a dozen white papers and 400 major market research reports. He founded and ran Killen & Associates, Inc. for 35 years. Michael has produced over 600 interviews. Four publishers have brought his six books to the marketplace. ‘IBM: The Making of the CommonView’ made best Seller Lists.   He has keynoted events for the Asian Banker, AT&T, NEC, SAP,  and Software AG.

About Michael Killen Helps Organizations Share Their Important Climate and Energy Action Message

Michael is committed to helping organizations share their climate action, energy, and sustainability solution message. He is the publisher of 400 business studies and marketing white papers, talk show host who helped 400 academics, artists, energy experts, environmentalists, government officials, and scientists share their message with Internet and TV audiences; and he is the artist who painted large-scale paintings that include California's Climate Plan,'Resilience',' Sustainability', and 'Safeguard Civilization. Contact him
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